First blog post


This is my very first attempt to create a blog .

I have chosen the Space Image in the background as it reflects today’s reality. Or at least the way humankind sees it. Despite all the technological advances we are still quite spaced out or at space (or at sea ;- depends on how you see it) when it comes to the simple question of our existence. Even the string theory and the big bang theory collapses when it reaches to the point of beginning of time where time T = 0.and understanding the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics. ¬†Which means we are still to crack the code and we are still on ground zero .Beyond the physical realm lies the absolute.

I see this as a powerful medium of mass communication that has huge exponential potential to make ripples in the inter-wined thoughts that form the reality of our collective consciousness that shapes our world.

Before we set off on the journey of the butterfly effect, i would like to let the observer understand this can happen only with the consent of the observer who has unlimited realities from the stand point of the time-space dimensional theory within the multiverse.So stay tuned in to this frequency to hear the universal vibration that originates from the singularity of the duality.

I only wish to be a catalyst of good and positive ideas that can help charge the positive atoms by removing the negative charge in the omnipresent cosmic electromagnetic field and being the change for the positive.

There is no beginning or end so i really don’t know how to end this. But that does not really matter if we still have the energy. It definitely has potential so let the kinetic energy (force) be with you. And may this blog gain the momentum to make real changes that will heal the world.


Rajesh Balakrishnan


3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Thank you so much for visiting Bookheathen and for following me. The very best of luck with your new blog!! re you going to post on science? Will follow and see where the journey leads.

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    1. Yes. Mostly observations on scientific discussions. But with aim on the concept of the bigger picture of our multi-dimensional reality /consciousness and theories of everything and merging horizons on the paradoxes of all disciplines including economics, politics, banking, religion and all human construct or concepts and the blurring lines…. it may be difficult to maintain the symmetry or pattern. From an active debater to a muted observer to a mooting catlyst….At the triple point, like water that turns to soilid, liquid or gas….it may swing anyway….anarchism may actually be stability…..lets see how it goes and lets go with the flow……welcome to the journey of togetherness…..


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